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Crush Customs is a family owned business that specializes in after-market needs. Working with both dealerships and retail customers, we use our 41 years of experience in the automotive business to create solutions to make the driving experience a great one.


We understand that your vehicle is one of the most valuable assets you will own. But not only that, a vehicle is much more than something that gets you around. Vehicles tell a stories about the people that drive them, they are extensions of ourselves, our personalities, and our individual tastes.


Here at Crush Customs, we take the time to get to know you and your individual needs. We take pride in making your vehicle uniquely yours. Whether you are a dealer or an individual owner, let us help you design a ride that you’ll be proud to call your own.

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Chelsea Allen

The SEMA Professional Restylers Organization’s (PRO) newest spotlight volunteer is Chelsea Allen, owner of Crush Customs.


Allen is no stranger to the car business. She grew up in car dealerships and tagged along with her trailblazing parents as they serviced their many aftermarket clients. As owner of Crush Customs, Allen exceeds the industry standards in both craftsmanship and service for her customers.

Casey Kovarik

Since Casey Kovarik was young, he always loved tinkering with audio equipment, especially his uncle’s old Chevy s10 with a very loud audio system. After years of only thinking about it as a hobby, he decided to change his focus from mechanics to DC electrical and turn this favorite pastime into a career.


Casey enjoys the creative freedom to give his clients results that exceed their expectations. At the end of the day, he wants to put out work that people can genuinely get excited about and be proud of in this ever changing industry.


When he’s working on Crush Customs’ electronics and audio installs, Casey competes in Sounds Pressure Level (SPL) competitions to see who can make the loudest car system, but in the off-season, he likes to build RC Rock Crawlers, hike, watch live music, and spend time with his friends and family.

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