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Aftermarket Car Collision Warning Systems

You have a lot riding on your four wheels. Strengthen your security with the next wave in safety technology. Crush Custom’s collision avoidance system solutions can prevent a collision or drastically decrease the severity seconds before the crash occurs. This is the perfect product for younger, less-experienced drivers or parents seeking to protect their family.


Our top priority is keeping you safe. That’s why our industry specialists will help you pick the best products for your needs. We’ll develop an intimate understanding of your desires during an initial consultation. From there, we’ll help transform your vehicle into the ultimate bodyguard.


Driver Assistance Packages

Crush Customs is proud to offer a wide array of safety solutions, including:


  • Back-up cameras

  • Parking assist

  • Blindspot detection

  • Lane departure


We take pride in offering the newest automotive technologies to our customers at the most affordable options. To learn more, contact us today!

Is a Collision Avoidance System Right for You?

Do you want to increase the safety of your car? Did your teen just get their license? Then a collision avoidance system might be right for you. 


This cutting-edge system can:


  • Swiftly alert you to obstacles on the road

  • Mitigate and help you avoid collisions

  • Help you easily park in even the tightest spots

  • Allow you to effortlessly see your surroundings, even in your blindspots


If you want to experience stellar safety, contact Crush Customs today at (770) 989-1818.




At Crush Customs, we use our 41 years of experience in the automotive business to create results that improve your driving experience. We’re a family owned business that specializes in aftermarket needs including vinyl graphics, rear entertainment systems, seat heating and cooling systems, navigation, keyless entry & power lift gate systems, headliner and carpet restorations, audio builds, lighting, custom leather seating, and sunroofs!

Why Choose Crush Customs?

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