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Give Your System a Boost!

As the premier provider of personal entertainment centers in Georgia, Crush Customs is continuously looking for ways to help our customers transform their cars into concert venues.


That’s why we’re proud to announce our recent partnership with Pride Audio. As a Pride Audio distributor, we’ll be able to outfit your car with the best audio equipment available on the market.


Want to learn more about the many perks of the new Crush Customs Pride Audio partnership? Keep reading!


Who is Pride Audio?

Pride Audio is a leading provider of quality automotive audio equipment. Their products include subwoofers, amplifiers, and speakers. Pride Audio’s systems transform your vehicle into your own personal entertainment center. Enjoy next-level bass, crisp audio, and enhanced sound quality.


With Pride Audio’s products, your daily drive will become an immersive music experience you’ll love mile after mile.

Benefits of Our Partnership with Pride Audio

As a new distributor of Pride Audio, Crush Customs now offers advanced audio systems to drivers who demand the absolute best in sound quality, durability, and performance. Our new partnership provides our customers with tons of fantastic benefits, including:


  • Access to best-in-class automotive audio systems


  • A better driving experience thanks to stellar sound quality


  • Competitive prices for industry-leading entertainment system products


As you can see, Crush Customs’ partnership with Pride Audio can take your ride to the next level!




Ready to Upgrade Your Custom Car Audio?

Want to learn more about Pride Audio products? Call Crush Customs to schedule your custom audio build consultation. During our meeting, Crush Customs’ experts will learn more about your specific needs, goals, budget, and driving habits. From there, we’ll offer our professional recommendations to help you find the perfect solutions for your desires.

To discover how we can amplify your ride with Pride Audio entertainment system products, contact us today by calling (770) 989-1818.

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