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How Crush Custom Was Chosen To Be On Ride of Your Life With Courtney Hansen

It started with a phone call.

The great Will Posey from Big Oak Garage called and asked me to come down to meet television personality, Courtney Hanson, from shows like The Ride That Got Away, Overhaulin’, and later, Ride of Your Life with Courtney Hansen.

Their ask was simple: did Crush Customs want to be a part of a television show they were filming?

From Car Shop to TV Stars

Courtney, being the genius that she is, wanted to do something good to give back to those that needed it the most, so she wrangled a team of the best and baddest custom car builders across the country to come together and work on custom car for individuals who’ve faced tragedies and setbacks, all in hopes of making things a little better.

I was honored to join this super group and have Crush Customs be the automotive interior experts for these customs builds.

The Gift of Automotive Aftermarket Customizations

Throughout our experience with filming, we were able to build a dream car for deserving individuals with the help of their friends and family, to surprise and gift them with a car that encompasses all of the elements that would bring their dream ride to life.

Keeping the premise in mind, the Crush Customs team took their time to make the car as special as possible for these very deserving people.

How Did Crush Custom Work As A Team?

Together, we worked like an unstoppable force to reach these crazy deadlines, made even more significant by the near perfection filming a TV show requires. You had people coming in from all over the country, so that meant we needed to be conscious of not only our schedules, but theirs as well.

Reveal dates were set in stone and with only so much time to work, this was a source of stress. But as you know, stress makes diamonds—and the whole Crush Customs team was up for the challenge!

How Was Working With Courtney Hansen?

It was such a great experience. Not only was Crush Customs part of a television show, but we were part of a build team that was led by a woman. Courtney is such a badass and everything she touches turns to gold.

As a businesswoman in the automotive industry, it’s been a refreshing adventure, especially working with another woman in a business where our paths don’t cross too often.

Crush Customs Is Here For Your Aftermarket Customization Needs

We started filming two years ago and since then, Crush Customs has expanded, not only as a company, but as Marietta, Georgia’s premier business for automotive aftermarket needs. We’re now a full custom upholstery shop and look forward to what the future brings.

How to Watch Ride of Your Life With Courtney Hansen

We loved our time on the show and would love for you to join the journey—for the ride, the ride of your life.

Catch Crush Customs on Ride of Your Life With Courtney Hansen every Wednesday at 10PM (EST) on Motor Trend. Stream or download the Motor Trend Plus app to watch it any time.

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