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Aftermarket Sunroof Repair & Installation

Crush Customs carries a wide selection of aftermarket sunroofs that are available for all types of vehicles. Our experienced team is able to help you find the correct sunroof for your vehicle, and work with you every step of the way to ensure that it fits perfectly. We also offer convenient and fast repairs for your existing sunroof.


Types of Aftermarket Sunroofs:

Pop-Up Sunroof


  • Manually operated and has either a flip up or crank style rear latch

Electric Spoiler Sunroof

  • Electronically operated; glass slides up and over the roof of the vehicle when opened.

Electric Inbuilt Sunroof

  • Electronically operated; glass slides down and inside the roof of the vehicle when opened.

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What Are Aftermarket Sunroofs?

An aftermarket sunroof is a modification made to a car sometime after it was manufactured. The changes include cutting a hole in the roof of the car, installing trim-ring that leaves a raised lip around the hole.

How Are Factory (OEM) Sunroofs Different From Aftermarket Sunroofs?

Original factory-installed models typically fit seamlessly with no lip visible around it; for cars fitted with these rings there is no doubt they come from an aftermarket store.



At Crush Customs, we use our 41 years of experience in the automotive business to create results that improve your driving experience. We’re a family owned business that specializes in aftermarket needs, including aftermarket sunroofs, for those days you want to bring some of the outside in.

Why Choose Crush Customs?

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