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How Do Heated and Cooled Seats Work?

Updated: Jan 2

When you’re on the hunt for a new car, reliability and safety may be top-of-mind. But what about comfort? You should always feel your best when you’re sitting behind the wheel.

Thankfully, heated and cooled seats will optimize your driving comfort. These little luxuries keep you either cool or cozy, no matter what the weather outside is like.

But how exactly do these innovative seats work? If you’re wondering, Crush Customs has you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about heated and cooled car seats.

What Is a Heated/Cooled Car Seat?

Heated and cooled car seats are exactly what they sound like - they’re automotive seats designed to keep you comfortable. Each seat has its own set of unique capabilities to maximize your comfort levels. You can adjust the heating or cooling levels according to your personal preferences.

How Heated, Cooled, and Ventilated Seats Work

Heated seats contain advanced heating technology that is located between the seat’s upholstery and the cushion. When you activate the seat’s heating feature, an electric current will begin to flow through the seat’s heating element, making it feel warmer.

On the other hand, cooled car seats refrigerate the air from a cooling element or the car’s AC. Active-cooling technology cools the intake air by as much as 15 degrees, keeping you cool even on sweltering summer days.

Using your seat’s cooling features instead of your car’s AC can improve its fuel efficiency, saving you a lot of money at the pump. It’s also more eco-friendly. Cooled seats only keep the individual cool, rather than adjusting the temperature of your entire cabin.

Ventilated seats work a lot like cooled seats. However, there is one major difference. While these seats use fans to circulate the air, ventilated seats don’t use refrigerated air. Some ventilated seats will draw air into the seat, causing an evaporative effect that keeps you cool. Other ventilated seats use fans to blow the cool air directly onto the seat occupant. You must have perforated leather seats in order for the ventilation to properly work.

Are Heated, Cooled, and Ventilated Seats Worth It?

If you crave comfort, heated, cooled, and ventilated car seats are definitely worth the investment. Just a few of the major benefits of these seats include:

  • Continuous comfort during your entire drive

  • Enables you to control the temperature of your seat

  • Increases fuel efficiency

  • A greener option than blasting your auto air conditioning or heater

  • Helps alleviates the chronic pain of stiffness and stress

  • Boosts your car’s resale value

As you can see, these seats are definitely worth the investment!

What Cars Have Cooled or Heated Seats?

Today, it’s tough to find a luxury automaker that doesn’t make cooled, heated, or ventilated seats. Many premium car brands have cooled or heated seats, including Land Rover, Tesla, and Mercedes. Even more affordable brands, like Honda and Toyota, offer heated and cooled seats.

However, if your car doesn’t come with these seats, Crush Customs can help.

Seat Cooling and Heating Systems from Crush Customs

Crush Customs is proud to offer Marietta drivers enhanced car comfort. Our seat heating and cooling systems will keep you at the perfect temperature all year long. Experience supreme comfort with just a touch of a button. Our seasoned technicians will work closely with you to help you select the system that best suits your unique needs.

To learn more, contact us today by calling (770) 989-1818. You can trust your comfort to Crush Customs.

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